I’m repeatedly impressed by the strange and unexpected ways in which IDignity events pull out the best in everyone involved.

At a recent Seminole county event, one of our clients was waiting patiently to see the DMV when he fell into an epileptic seizure. I’ve witnessed this sort of thing in other settings where it seemed like everyone around was either too scared or too timid to step in and help. Not so in the IDignity environment.

Quickly one of our volunteers and another client gently moved the epileptic man’s head so that he wouldn’t bang it on the leg of a nearby table as he shook. Another volunteer ran to go find a pillow to put underneath him, while a third client ran to get one of the nurses from the mobile health unit that had been with us that day. The seizure came to an end and people patted the man  on the shoulder and said words of encouragement to let him know not to be shaken up by embarrassment on top of everything else.

What struck me in all this was how everyone seemed to know what to do in a situation where no one typically knows what to do. All you can really do is make sure that the person is safe from harm’s way.

The event was over quickly and wouldn’t warrant much comment, except that, on another level, it became for me a snapshot of what we’re trying to do through IDignity and, no exaggeration, perhaps even what it means to be human in general. The thing is that none of us really knows what we’re doing in every single situation in our own lives, let alone how to solve our neighbor’s problem when they’re in a jam. There’s almost never an easy-­fix solution, and rarely would we have the right tools and training to deal with what’s in front of us even if there was. But when our compassion compels us to do the best we can for someone else, we often end up improvising a way forward together in really beautiful ways. Catch us in another setting, and those of us who stepped in to comfort this man may not have been in the same frame of mind.

I believe the environment of an IDignity event, where helping each other wade through tough problems is the name of the game, reminds us of who we are called to be and makes us better than we otherwise are.

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Written By Jared Witt
IDignity Seminole – Event Director