Total Clients Served to Date: 1,161

One of our event leaders, Dennis, and I occasionally make trips to the Seminole State College volunteer fair to put IDignity in front of students as a great opportunity to rack up some meaningful service hours.

This last time an older student, a young lady of maybe 23 or 24 years old, walked up to our table and started engaging us. Usually students are a bit shy, not really knowing what we’re about or what questions to ask. But this one was different. She fired off three or four very intelligent questions, which led me to believe she had encountered IDignity before. When I had answered her adequately she grabbed the signup sheet and exclaimed several times how excited she was to have a chance to give back by volunteering with us at our upcoming event on November 8th.

When I told her I appreciated her enthusiasm and asked if serving the disadvantaged was something she’d always had this much energy for, she said, “No. But it has been ever since I was ‘the disadvantaged.’”

“Oh?” I responded, somewhat red in the face. “Yes. Eight months ago, I was one of your clients.”

It turns out, just months before, this conversationally adept and put together young lady had been kicked out of a living situation where she had been living with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. Both of them lost all of their essential documents in the course of the dispute. Thinking that this would surely jeopardize her chances of enrolling in school in the upcoming year, she found out about IDignity online, borrowing 15 minutes at a time on a computer at a public library. She was one of the first people to arrive on event day, and we were able to recover everything for her within a matter of weeks.

She is now excelling in her first semester of college, studying business administration. IDignity is the sole reason why her dream of obtaining a higher education has not been deferred indefinitely. Thank you all for paying your blessings in life forward, just as this young lady is eager to pay hers forward to someone else.

Upcoming Seminole county event: 11/8/17
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